SAIP India Pvt. Ltd.

Advanced solutions for India's Energy Needs

The sobering challenges of climate change and chronic energy shortages demand innovative thinking and deliberate action. Governments, citizens and companies—all of us—must work together to provide sustainable energy and fuel for the benefit of our people, our communities and our planet. SAIP, with its patented technology and collaborative approach, is working everyday to tackle these urgent challenges.

Empowering rural communities with self sufficiency: SAIP solutions can provide electricity to rural India without access to the grid. Local power generation from 2MW to 5MW of local sources provides maximum local impact. Flexible and scalable solutions: We provide renewable energy to major metropolitan areas, delivering cost-competitive base load power in heavily urban areas, with virtually no environmental impact. Reducing carbon emissions and improving environmental impact economically and efficiently: SAIP solutions can use a wide range of waste as feedstock and convert them to clean burning “Bio-Jet Fuel”.